October 5, 2021

Global Lighthouse Studios: Connecting Classrooms Around the World

My name is Donna Guerin and I have been a classroom educator for 22 years.
September 24, 2021

What Do You Know about Diversity?

When recently asked the question, “What do you know about diversity?,” the person who asked was not genuinely interested in knowing my answer.
September 22, 2021

My Mexcian Culture

At home, we practice Mexican culture. Mexico is a large country in North America. I am so excited for you to learn about my culture! I hope you have fun on my heritage journey!
September 2, 2021

A MIXTURE of Somali and American Culture

At home we practice a mixture of Somali and American Culture. Somalia is a big country located in east Africa. There are many influences in Somalia.
September 2, 2021

My Appalachian Culture

My mom’s parents were born in Appalachia and my dad’s mom had Appalachian roots. At home we practice Appalachian and American cultures. America is part of North America.
September 1, 2021

Why Cultural Education is Important to Teach at Home and School

At the core of multicultural awareness and inclusion, in our schools and homes, young people,
June 9, 2021

Cultural Heritage Book Project Design

How does understanding our family heritage help us see connections between ourselves and others?