What is Cross-Cultural Storytelling Project?

Being the best interactive online education platform to practice cross cultural storytelling, we instigate the cultivation of stronger fortresses for powerfully-built communities. We believe there is no better way to encourage cross-cultural engagements than through storytelling. Our cultural stories platform harnesses the power of sharing lived experiences to forge lasting connections and networks between students across the globe. At the same time, we also involve educators and encourage them to share culturally specific and responsive teaching resources and reflections with fellow educators on the platform. Educators also get a unique opportunity to learn from student experiences and improve their pedagogical tools accordingly. Spreading cultural awareness in the classroom, we allow you to crash down the walls that act as barriers between fellow mates. So, clear the way for some wholesome storytelling to celebrate cultural diversity. Let our multicultural communication activities communicate love between every kindred and unrelated spirit starting now!

Curiosity Creates Connections. Let Your Curiosity take the Lead with the Cross-Cultural Project.

What makes the Cross-Cultural Project stand out?

● Free online resources

Educators and instructors with an interest in multicultural education are welcome to share their pedagogical tools and reflections with fellow educators from around the globe. Our digital community facilitates multicultural team communication to form a global network of cultural exchange. Learn, inspire, and collaborate with our free of charge resources.

● Embrace diverse perspectives

At the heart of our digital community lies the philosophy of embracing different cultures and enabling valuable cross-cultural collaborations. We facilitate such interactions between the shared positions of being a learner and an educator. We invite all individuals who are interested in exploring diverse perspectives to join our interactive community where we exchange stories, collaborate, and let our curiosity take charge

● Safe digital community

Find verified educators from across the globe ready to stimulate your passion for an enjoyable and exciting learning experience. We work hard to ensure a healthy, safe, and engaging community of students and educators are formed. Relevant information about educator background and student members is available. We go the extra mile to monitor that the diverse digital community we create is secure and conducive to learning.