Storytelling Project

The Cross-Cultural Storytelling Project is a one-of-a-kind, collaborative platform that enables learners and educators around the globe to connect. Through this virtual and easily accessible project, we envision a world where students exchange their cultural stories and educators share their culturally responsive teaching resources and reflections. Aiming to form deep connections and network students and educators, we wish to transform how pedagogical tools are brought into practice. And in doing so, we aspire to form global citizens who are cognizant and respectful of the diversity found across the globe.

This project lets students share their stories about their unique lifestyles, daily experiences, learning opportunities, passions, and everything in between through multicultural communication.

Besides planning multicultural lessons, the other part of our project involves educators from across the globe to share their learning resources and tools, barring the fact that our digital platform provides the best multicultural and diversity resources for teachers. These are expected to be culturally optimized to inspire other educators. Through our cultural virtual platform, we also wish to provide educators a rare opportunity to learn from students and shape their teaching practices accordingly.

Culturally Diverse

Student Stories

Educator Voices

Become a global educator. Share your multicultural teaching practices with fellow educators and students around the globe. Our interactive project enables you to not just share but also learn and engage with culturally responsive resources. Browse through what others have shared to gain new insights and improve your existing pedagogical toolkit. Let your curiosity for other cultures guide you on this exploratory journey.